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Friday, May 15, 2015

2011 Barry Training; post set


Training with Barry (aka Stellar Mass)~

I only do online training now, off the grid. Very easy application to getting to your very best, naturally. Years after this I did however try anabolics, for 1 years, as I was planning to enter into the arena, however this is when my x-wife and eventually the system itself identified and me and shut me down. I had a radical change in life, yet still at 25, have the slim, tapered physic that blows up when I employ training, and I tend to enjoy keeping myself to a naturally fit status. I am very well versed with all aspects of training, bar none, and have merged, pioneered this bridge into ZERO POINT TRAINING, which is spiritual. I am familiar with everything under the Sun and for that matter the Black Sun as well. From insulin growth factors (mechanofactors), IRT, and it is used for cancer treatments as well as mental disorders, chronobiology, and many other forms of training, in all aspects the the body merkabah systems, including spin rate meditations "Masteller's Zero Point Training Techniques" so far advanced, people will be only employing these techniques along side AI interfacing in the distant future. The bodies you see on body space, and other modeling endeavors, are only products of synthetic supplementation and application, it is a false and dangerous road, which to travel. What I propose is on the fringe before the fall.

"Those manifestations of the corporeal, are only that display of a thought strand or tether, to a pervading force, affiliation be always waiting there, when you make that grand assertion, will you follow the right or left path, the balance is no longer being tolerated in the heat of today's social climate"