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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Coming from the creator of;
ROKbodhi 321-123
Esoteric Principles of Light

Pictured Barry Dean Masteller 

"How to build a WILL"

Return of the Merkabah

"Down with the Cabal!"
Be advised this publication does not require references,  in that informations were obtained from community sponsored educations.

Barry Masteller's"EPL, Esoteric Principles of Light


The Cart Before the Horse application and theory
An EPL/ROKbodhi123/321-123/ROKbodhi/Stellar Mass
Application/Meditation and Learning Tool
Let this serve as a copyrighted technique for the EPL/ROKbodhi Brand

Will of Testament 

A Word

Visualization with application. The mental mind focus, to recalibrate, and thus automate (autogenic), making a bio motor function applicable with energy flow through of intent.

"You may find, that the peace rendered, is nothing more than the very taming of that great BEAR in the heavens, and so within, as above, so below"~ 

You will find, that the Mantra of ROKbohdi 321-123 brand "Form follows function, (and) function into form" is true on all levels, whether esteemed quantum or local, all are degree of intent/perspective., The idea, the concept, thus becomes a rhetorical notion. That is, that there be any separation in the first place. 

One could say, that the posture, which one exhibits, whilst to doing a functional muscle moving IE firing pattern, follows all natural and immutable laws. That law of "mentalism", be but the law of vibration, and thus to make the statement "That which is above, is so below" is made manifest in the idea, of self, which you hold in your mind. It is further stated by Many, that the echo of this quantum connection, Man to THE ALL, is thus ushered forth, by the pineal gland, (referred to in many esoteric text as "the third eye" or "the eye of providence"). 

It is thus, that when one has gained hold, of their own self leveling, self governing system, of infallible harmony, with purity, in truth, this vibratory force can effect not only the shaping of this "ones" own Mind~Body~Soul, but in turn, makes shape, of the very heavens above, and so below, as a Man follows his *true star.

We see that while a person goes through, what be thought by current standard, of which there is none, as to WALK, the innervation and mentalism involved with movement, that will in motion, echoes forth the very intent. When one is in harmony not with vibration, but the purity which comes before Will, the Intent, which comes before Will, and thus the Purity which predates Intent, this one of perfect harmony, shapes the fabric of all that is swirls around "His Sphere of Mind, in motion"

Like the "X's" and "Y's" that loop through the universe, connecting the fibers, "creating the fibers!" you body, in motion, an expression of the balance within. Thus one must be in motion, to be registered, to be heard, else we are Kings seen as vagrants in our own land. It is further esteemed, with a more than false capitalistic notion, which be but a notion to control the masses, that one must reduce, to make way for ones "fellow man", I say shine forth, with all you have, and of course there will be an attempt to strike you down. It seems many Men have pressed forth with this persistence, many great Men, only to die, or rot in a Prison. Thus we see, that vibration alone, does not require purity, nor does mentalism require purity, but an idea of truth be sufficient, It is found in this discovery, that good and evil have nothing to do with universal law, on this pretext many have suffered, and been met with great ailments and illness. So the term is of that third so called "immutable law" "That which is above, and so below", be only a reference to the source at which ones own mental mind set be tethered, and certainly not referring to one mind, of mentalism!

There is thus a statement in the immutable laws, that proclaim war, by way of ELITE perspective. That there should be perpetuated force, made into motion, by way of affiliation. Thus, I state the following, that Purity alone breeds Pure manifestation, it is in this realization, which can only be fully realized by such persistent Principle based Man, who seem to suffer the greatest societal afflictions.    
ROKbodhi 321-123

"The illusion of Time"

All are spheres, and thus the rotation of that sphere, is the measure of time. It is the constant stress placed on time, and time limits, which cause an early defeat. Men are being killed prematurely and it has been widely excepted, as he "fairer sex" be paid forward in the false ways of spouse support, child support, when they have already been given clear advantage prior to any "debt on debt" payment. This simply has to stop.

It is thus patience, that is being altered, bartered, with Man. Man is thus compromised by his very will, with his "fractionated" thoughts. Stress on all levels, the unequal expectations, upheld by crooked kangaroo world court systems, must be stopped. There should be no sacrifice in purity, nor the sacrifice to the many advances unmet by Men who, with patience and a steady mind, could achieve those acts equal to their Father's, Father's, Father's. We are then, as a peoples, as a nation, as a force, removed from vital momentum, by default.

1) Whilst doing an exercise, of the subjects current level, IE smooth motor muscle firing patterns, elastic and plastic stretch abilities for full ROM range of motion, or full movement about an axis of rotation (the joint). The subject will intend mentally on doing the hybrid of exercise, that next stage of development, or cycle patterns, IE The exercise which will be physically applied and thus skills developed in later stages

2) This learned tool is universal, and not just in the application of biomechanical patterns, but with mind, spirit and higher stages of consciousness, as referred to in EPL teachings IE Esoteric Principles of Light Principles and foundations for better living/striving

* The concept is centered around Mind training, and the moment as an intent towards the future, and not a capitalistic static state of singular thought process. This begins with the EPL meditation, but for the more physically learned, this system of learning can be a valuable tool, for the application, budding motor function and development, IE introduction of how ideas are tied directly to higher foundation ways of doing things THE CONSTRUCT~

 This book is free to the public, thus a transcript of a speech, only sharing, collecting, organizing, common knowledge of our day, which may benefit the many. 


There are books, which be referred to as "the connection to mind, body and the stars" which are a statement of astrology, in motion, within "us". Books that point out specific meridian lines, yet it seem Yoga, always be the end point, that is Yoga of the Mind, and into the Kali nature (of this time). Yet this again, leaves no further embracing to Purity in form, thus to say "metal vibration is everything" is to thus proclaim oneself God. We find, again, that it is affiliation, to a relatively unseen, even invisible source/force, which first caused this ineffectual statement "I feel the power, and do not see a source, so I must be god!" this, the ultimate disgrace. Disheartening to this cause of this "very important time", of  RETURNING THE MERKABAH, BEFORE THE TIME OF CLEAR VISION 20/20 (2020 A.D.)*Chonicles of Stellar Mass

Like attracts like, and like anything, due diligence renders manifestation of care, in the treatment as such...there is no end product, nor an "end to result". And so you will find, a loop, a method to the madness, as to see that to avoid madness, one must understand the very origins of the knowledge contained, within ones very head. You thus, be the originator to the technology, thus to show a law unknown, to most, a universal breach. The WILL LESS, thus, are not to be privy to such knowledge, not to employ the application, less expression of ego echoes forth, as to forever curse the tongue and governing source which supported it. Thus we see, why technology, that thing called capitalism, comes to a close, time and again.~

 Many years ago, many cycles ago, quite possibly many times in "repeat", yet leading always to the end of times, the very God given entrusted WILL of The Merkabah, lay in the hands of those who would attempt, to franchise on this "source of freedom" unifying Man. The knowledge was concealed, hidden behind dogma, and scriptures, the great and powerful knowledge which unified Man. It was in this, the idea of  technology be born. The division of WILL, would lay in the hands of the greedy. WILL called out, to the Man who knew the Purity of it's cause. This Man must know the suppression, the pain, and strain which impure law punishes, with preach, those held captive now, by their own strength of WILL. The one who will rise above the immutable universal laws, thus to find fault, as his own court, in the keeping of these law, holds the key to all fate, given freely to those who know WILL, that Merkabah in motion, the cockpit excepts none who are unworthy. This was why, a dumbing down, to the numbers in Phi, had to take place, in the minds of the thieves. When the pure one rises up, brings forth peace, their fear, their doctrine, their greed will at once, instantly judge them forever, to, the WILL LESS, state, a mirror of affliction, for which they falsely pronounced on the heirs of Purity, the Wisdom, of Knowledge.  

 In Capitalism, was the notion, that with simple elegance to the endless of loop, the system of debt, one could lean on the very strength of those who had WILL, those who possessed soul, the eternal flame. No different than the very bio organic "borrowing", a theft of male "X" chromosome information gained through that same will of struggle, now called "community information. It was long since an unwritten law, that Man should first have to assert himself with display of shear will, the application was irrelevant, that is, the focus of employment, for the cause. That discovery of Principle, within his cells, he had to reach the end of himself, thus to be resurrected in the flames of Purity, before motion.

 Community franchised on this Man's discovery, Western "culture" as we know it, is spoiled on the premise. This, technology, in full swing, thus never missing the mark, for the bow could never be raised, nor the arrow drawn, by those who now franchised on the secret of all ages.

This lifestyle, can help lead you to truth and simplicity, but truly, most, if not everyone of you, to ego. I do not gain from this, though I should, as this represents at least 12-15 years of study, research and application. I lay down only the basics here. If you would like to donate, please write me an e-mail. I live this lifestyle, and the demands of living in "the real world" will pollute the pure form, in other worlds, this diet, and the lifestyle, will only benefit you, other wise corrupt, if not living in purity. My Purity is Jesus Christ, I am a FAITHFUL FOLLOWER of the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. EPL was my journey towards exhausting my ego, and embracing Principles, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father, as ONE, as in the Pure cube, which never ceases to spin, and allows the greatest freedom in unity~ 

A Man

The hunger comes. The idea of "trainer", the hard core focus is a lie. The rapid uptake of oxygen, your body goes out of Phi, only able to hypertrophy according to a set plan of action. True you can better yourself, yet without the use of anabolic, thermogenic thus transmorphing agents, balance is the highest of which you can esteem. This is boring, short scope for the many, who truly, secretly detest themselves. In fact, they have such self hatred, that they apply no positive application to "becoming what they are", perhaps they already know, and wish to take on the guise of a "higher agent"?

 There is no separation between the physical and spiritual realm, that are one. If you think you know what matter consist of please, grasp my attention, then I tell you, it is the force of source energy. Most plead this source from others, with negativity, for it draws to the source of their true form. The plastic mimic of perfection to those with no celestial eyes, or the strict avoidance of it, as rule, is largely being excepted "again" as standard. You see, it wasn't enough to kill those Son's of God, but emulate them so, as if it were passed in the blood, as to think you too can be worthy of supernatural wonders? You are only able to do so, with such devices that are un-natural not pure, nor from a pure source.

 In this age, we see that interfacing the physical with spiritual, and the spiritual caught and harnessed by technology, by those interfacers, one has thus earned their way to immortality, but these are sadly mistaken. Certain universal breaches of "Man", Multiversal, Multi-dimensional breaches, have now placed Man, not protected, nor separate from those many superior forms, more ancient at least, and highly adaptable, into direct competition, due to the technology. You see it was first technology that was relished, if you do believe in the great fall, of Angels that is. That, power could be known and amplified with intellect along. Yet not known, was that the separation from the source, also took with it, Principles as code. Thus it is the code of all interfacers, those who breach the many layers of the construct which is both flat, as a Mother board, yet warps and wraps around Phi's space/time very dimensional layers. A rift, once separated Man, in his garden of ignorant protection, now, unleashing his statement to the All, under God, he is only able to go into a desperate race of hypertechnological application production and use. It is no longer Man expanding to know God, but to over take him, and those who have made the statements now stand tried and embarrassed, as their scars are marked in time.

 Always, people truly thinking they have found the Holy Grail of Truth, yet miss purity. So let the EPL Code follow them into the ages, that may already have been done long ago.

You can only be as good as you are, what you were born to be, can only be bettered in the ways of not singular existence. The human form is represent of this. You understanding, your respect, not to nature, but the technology which now asserts to "re up" nature, to boot in, a better version, nature 2.0, then never ceases for a better application, be found in the corporeal state of Man's "expression" in his will for bigger everything, to be a god, to only realize you will fall under your own mass. Mass? A mass deception, a mass misteaching, for the media exposure to tell you, stronger is bigger, faster is better, when the spiritual phenomenon happens at and beyond the speed of light, where time stands still, and size is illusion, tell me, are you removed from this now?

 This breach, to self, and self expression, is a bar from spiritual growth, the opposite of fitness. The employment of ignorant demon worship (demon meaning knowledge, but surely not pure knowledge or the knowledge of purity, for this is wisdom). Further the sexual promiscuity, the need to pass into an inept gym setting with equipment and applications that have not use, no solid spiritual foundation, a misleading of the senses. Kettlebells, Pilates, Yoga, all ways to reduce the spiritual element and place the struggle to understand "fulcrum" outside, you are thus observer, not orchestrator.

I only coin these popular methods, modes, for current fads, era understanding. However, I find the weightless, body weight only ROKbodhi Train, Stretch/Walk and Kata, to be more than sufficient. The application of which, is not unlike the behavior of the cat, however, and is currently hard to embrace, that ego can be separate, from the spherical transfer of energy, with all day grooming. In other words, employment of the multifarious mind, keeping all spheres spinning, as the hour is only representative of the day, the day the week, the week into lunar month, lunar Month expanded into Solar year. Solar year, being but a representation of Phi sequence, in balance, breaking free from the defaults exploitation, of the WILL LESS 9 years, undulating cycle of despair and enslavement, to the JPM. 

 To truly be a resonant of spiritual force and source, one must obtain pure movement, a Kata. Unfortunately the martial arts, are tide directly to dragons, and serpent worship, violence...even if done slowly, as Tai chi. The application of these movements does not assist, but to draw on spiritual force of demons war-ship, ignorantly perpetuating the dilemma of Man, in his plight, to know the truth. The problem has never been the truth, but at what lengths you are willing to go to know it. More, that you should except only a degree of truth, and be so over whelmed by "your current truths" immensity when compared to you, that you fail to continue to seek.

 Aye, you see, that each movement, and the thought...that is, the very intent of why you make a movement must be grounded to be ever expanding, on the idea, the search for truth. It is not truth we truly seek but purity in from and movement, and so the form be filled with it's function~

"Form follows function, function into form"

Barry Masteller
ROKbodhi 321-123 Founder

*The problem was, is that we thought we killed the god's, and in our child's play, dressing up as them (of course after killing them), we found there were the offspring of these in our midst, and so, we kept pretending, inventing new "technologies" for which the craft done by the mediocre, could be amplified to surpass them. We failed to see of course, that all technology first begins, and continues by way of spiritual phenomenon, the human form be not separate".

Infinitum Sectretiore

The Priceless plan or Billion Dollar Idea, developed

Let all those be warned, of all initiate programs, that I who speak is Founder of the 
Principles of Light
This places me above your pyramids eyes, above your capstone, above your law and rulers. Be warned this concept, it's development, production and application, has a higher source of power behind it. Thus the source of your organizations fall, if used in capitalistic form. I need backing, and it turn, will bow to now god below UBER GOTT


The technology for use, in this application, thought perceived by those of the developing mind as creator, was willed by me, for this application. On the day of my awakening 24 months 3 cycles of 8 months as spiritual King. Within the 26th, 27th and 28th day of the 3 day purge, where I walked as a worthy and Holy King initiate, before I earned the right, by UBER GOTT on high, to proclaim my power, was given this method, which should make me a CEO, The owner of a GODly order outside the dark Illuminati. The Illuminati has forgot the order. Let my success or slaughter, as superior in the Order, and the casting down of this order, be shown as the line of breach. I set this line here today, in the center of the 3 1/2 day matrix, of repeat, which I spin at will.  

Anyone who has the honesty and the fortitude and obviously the funds, to invest in a joint venture I have developed a product, no it's not patented, by see here that it be the first to be in honesty writ, these Principles that guide me, let them be that wrath upon the one who sees to patent it, and steal the idea, in these last dark days. I mean to offer a way, a method at which to assess, correct and improve the person in need. In short the method involves

This is the mind speaking, the ONE MIND, that mind above yours, purveyors of the desecration, capitalizor's of destruction. Know there are no patents in Heaven, that this invention ties in with the principles under the heavenly realm. These funds will be used to set up delegation to the pure, the true and not fallen. This be out territory, our place to rightfully train. See this and it sees you, indeed you have been seen.


A Plastic Magnetic Sphere, the height and electrical current is an expansion on my idea, and plays into the details of geometry, vector force, and thus resistance.

Beams of Blue, which carries with it, 150% of increased magnitude. The individual who stands within the sphere as form, is first weight, and the mass of this body weigh calibrates the magnetic force rendered/used. The Green beams can allow up to a 60% reduction, meaning if the counterweight, that perceived mass of the individual be increased, by the perception of the processor, the individual can thus move in a near weightless articulation.

 This product is revolutionary, and could replace all training equipment known today. Taken into space, used as corrective training, by separating spheres of articulation IE Hip joint, shoulder joint, and the processor prompting and magnetically drawing the articulation into a set direction of source (light).

Further the initiate or patient can have a beam shot directly through the articulating joint, pulling form another sphere, which be separated by Green beam IE division of the spheres.

Infinitum Secretiore

The Light Grid can be used for practical application, in rehabilitation. The bio matrix, will read the personalized information of the initiate IE Movement patterns, height, weight, spinal deviations, synergistic dominance. This system will also work as a splicing unit, EKG, and standing MRI.

Though shell will appear to be near to see through as the Plastic Magnetics will also employ a vacuum by which to intensify, the magnetic polarities, also working on vacuum light principles, IE a mini CERN, using light about the outer rim, in vacuum allowing light to increase above 200,000 mps, thus to generate and cast forth a sphere about the plastic circle using an EM center point draw, that is placing the spheres fulcrum or center of bodies true axis. A near weightlessness, as well as a stator based battery recharger, will render the applications/inventions power in three places. Hard storage, systemic flow, and outer beams, each suspending and carrying charge, IE stored, circulating current, and static, which will work as a unit of linear electromagnetic propulsion, not unlike the electro magnetic rail system of an EM driven body/train IE Locomotion.

 The patient or initiate has the same methods of draw available as a productive source of power IE available resistance. The light beam will work in the ways of absorption and reflection. An eye (irid) prompt will also be available, as a fellow means with heart rate and rate coding reading, The rate code will measure saltatory conductivity, along with EKG, repolarization/depolarization Q-wave patterns [The light readings will be able to pick up applications of the most sensitive nature].

Know that this be a spiritual as well as human ownership in the application of this emerging technology. This technology should be present to aid people in their life easement. Many of the ROKbodhi 321-123 Phi based training applications, diet would go into this self perfection, For purity and holiness concept and lifestyle of self care, and temperance. There is a full spectrum plan involved in the implementation of PRINCIPLES INTO MOTION.

A suit, with plastic EM properties, and light spectrum sensitive cancellation techniques can be used, to pick a fulcrum point EXAMPLE hand extensors exorcises, can involved Green wave destination/localization, with pinpoint accuracy, and assistance, as appropriate leveling resistance beams, of blue, can then be applied to the spherical spectrum field.

The beams can read spinal deviations, and the plate beneath IE the base of support, can be turned as well as shifted, to provide near identical unilateral articulation. A small beam of EM pulse can also be generated, at low wave levels, as well as to employ frequency canceling, in order to provide an inversion table. The client, can be placed in an position, even rotating about, within the sphere, when using a ROKbodhi bio-body suit, at untold G-forces DEPENDING ON THE SPHERES OF CONTAINMENT OUTSIDE THE INITIATES LOCALIZED APPLICATION. In other worlds, a sphere can be a placed at the next point of ROKbodhi 321-123, Phi Zone or Region, in order to completely neutralize the inner core or spheres gravity, by using appropriate to the inner spheres, "greater force or source of spin" spinning in the polar opposite direction, to do so, IE canceling out the gravity, the spin force. This application has limitless potential, not to mention the portal implications when placed within specific worm hole torsion fields, based on zodiac star port alignment.

 This is know, and is not revealing a secret, thus to set a standard here, a Principle code, which shall become law, namely of entanglement. The mimic or mirror of prism, that the final spherical destination, should be placed in the final stage of Phi 21, and 13, should serve as restrictive use, under heaven in the application of such spherical misuse, IE the combination of earth, and planetary dark sun or dark force energy known in left spinning sub zero point frequency meets light wave or beam patterns, should not be used to open portholes, and is forbidden, without the specific and responsible transport of Principles based means, IE must follow EPL PRINCIPLE BASED FORM.

The application can also be used to restore EM bio singularity IE repair spherical disruptions, in the brain, body and outer body protective shells, without employing black magic by introducing malice black magic suggestive agents. This will be used as a tool to fight off, and destroy such invading forces. This application can also be used to circumference a home, or unit, providing what is also known as a hologram shell, or the wash. The circulating field can be used to cloak a body, by effecting first the greater body or sphere, of Phi proportion outside this. This technology is being used, Thus to grant gain, and application of use, is to deny this production. If an alien or demonic abuse or left spin has existed, then you who capitalize, venture, or acquisitions based on patent of such information, and application IE renaming, are in fact steeling from an ignorant public and thus as such, must be charged here with Principles breach. Let it be known.

I want the CEO, and founders of such "Eve's dropping" associations ["wait this is our technology?" I hardly think anything is "yours"] to take out such a patent at no charge for me, in the EPL name, grant me development rights.

This is a tune, or Solfeggio priming tool, in truth, and can restore the harmonics to any body, and should be used as such.

Thus, it can be also used as a light instrument, which is attuned to appropriating movements and with frequency. Any octave range can be met quite easily, by way of light conducting IE hand, body, eye detecting motions. This is in short is everything, an everything tool including an atomizing agent, by drawing on such rare metals, as to build on carbon matrix repeat, IE suspended layer by layer construct builder, of simple "draw to the EM frequency field, able to recombine any all all things, by reverse polarity, matched with appropriate sphere combination and division, IE "The non cube over lapping brought about by over lapping spheres or torsion fields...A vibration, the intent of the form, focus on the form, manifest the form. This is the JPM in motion, is it not?

Infinitum Secretiore

ROKbodhi 321-123
"Form follows function, and function into form"

A branch of the True Esoteric Order
EPL, Esoteric Principles of Light
"A supplement to all religion"


freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature.

"White is meant to represent purity and innocence, and not Luciferianism "

"Within it's very descriptor, do we not see that purity always be a choice, held thus, by way of continuance of such a force drawing statement of mind, which thus, draws from a source, "that point of origin", from where Purity stems?"

Stellar Mass, Author of the Book of Times


That which is not drawn to the source, is thus not from the source. By way of mental force, and subject to corrupted source, the pure become tainted. Yet, that which begins with purity, and ends with it too, in a life cycle, to become what we are. Thus the pure, find contempt towards "those" origins, those "mental mind rapists", those corrupter's of purity, those demons of society, must be brought to final Justice, in their WALK. 

"That is, to make light of the folly, of the adultery, no less"

How can we do this when we live in this system? Thus to feed the system? The insatiable Dragon! We must know at once, that our collective expression must be the superior leader, of this new and emerging vibratory force of purity, "the future!"

This Book is dedicated to those, whom have delivered me to the hands of their master, only to find that theirs are the necks, which are tightly braced by him. The worm, which you followed into the abyss of your future dwelling. 

ROKbodhi321-123 is for the average healthy individual found to be free of all food allergies. It is recommended, to speak with your Doctor, as well as an RD/Nutritionist before commencing on such a lifestyle. I write this book for myself, as I have had many students, as well as those who have asked me, when employing these principles, how I tended to stave off the aging process, which admittedly after going off my own plan, due to a depression, I soon tended to appear at least 20 years advanced in age. This appeals to people but only shows a spiritual reenactment, if it were, of this immortal mind.

I searched for ever higher principles of understanding, and came face to face with forces which both assaulted, as well as clarified my view. I saw the matrix before me, that be create of the force of proper will, and thus what principles truly mean. Now in my religious studies, far outside any main stream teachings, some have felt, and witness the phenomenon that has become me. A will, that never ceases to be more, to know more, and to yet, keep purity in tact, in fact, as to become a protector of this divine knowledge.

 I believe "The Enlightenment"of the 1800's, finally resting and breaking away, when that long line of students and teaches, over all ages of a cycle, from and thus into (Phi) the study of Aesthetics.


  1. a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art.
    • the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste.

Part of the correlations between EPL's motion, visualization and focus meditation, it shares with it's ROKbodhi123 brand affiliate, be the spherical phenomenon, in regards to human bio mechanical movement patterns. More so, a lean to the left, or perhaps to the right, shows a spherical imbalance, of the brain, and thus the brains Gnosis, of the all pervading ONE MIND. One Mind means one ego, the ego of God, almighty. 
The exercises, walk, microcycles and over all methods, follow strict EPL sphere order, completion of movement, and movement type, and type preference of order, based also on EPL principles. For instance picturing the anatomical picture just above the EPL logos, one of the monikers of EPL of several, we start out with a pure mind, and a pure movement, based on principles, as well as anti-principles based on  needs (agonist/antagonist, synergistic muscle dominance, correcting firing patterns in gait etc...), a unilateral, hip circumductive, weak side first, effort, shall be applied to first training days, using the red sphere of sacrifice, as a beginning of mesocycle order. 
Next implementing the same pathways of EPL, and the flow. A blue orb movements, offer the implementation of ipsi, and contralateral combination movements, while still recognizing this be a mobilization, motor muscle, core building stage of training. 
Next, the Purple Orb, or really sphere (as it will be full developed, first in thought, as a unit to follow). Wisdom, and dual arm use, with single leg movements, open up exercises like the single leg, stiff leg dead lift, or compound exercises, done with body weight, suspension units or even bands and free motion type apparatus, while learning more to engage the core support, with respect to where the exhale takes place (anatomically), and which technique with respect to breathing, would be most appropriate for specific training purposes. 
Next the Green Sphere of community, where we can use both legs, as well as both arms, now implementing kettlebell, Olympic and power lifting techniques. We also see that since all sphere, and their combinations be open, we can go back and still visit, these mobilization and stabilization phases of training. 
From the ground, also exploding off the ground, utilizing the floor for core, ab and special exercise patterns (IE the Turkish Getup). 
The ending, is just the beginning of another pattern and cycle, now based on the truth revealed with assessment, in between these two week muscle pattern firing, specific Microcycles, based on EPL Principles. For now, the Yellow Sphere, the Ego, and it's over head focus, on arm positions, unlock exercises like the military press, snatch, pull-up, draw in over head exercises, ROKbodhi123 Walk, and so much more. The praise to the Father, requires strong shoulders, good neck firing patterns, to see your enemy coming from all sides, while still in prayer. The Yellow Sphere implies Gary Grey full body stretch techniques, (IE book on stretch, G.G.)
A scoring system reveals what next to work on, and there are three repeating cycles to go, with accruence, just like EPL principle teaching aids, as seen here, and below.

Happy Training, Train Smart, Merry Christmas, EPL Founder, Barry Masteller

The Measure of Phi

We require tools to navigate the world. To better measure a square and it's angle, so that we will know, for the pure certainty, that what we will to manifest, will stand the test of time. The body fat caliper with ROKbodhi Training, be no different. At no point, in millimeters, should the number exceed the circumference of the initiates wrist, as measured in inches. The Mirror should become the caliper. If your wrist is 6.5 inches, then your daily abdomen pinch should also be 6.5. 

All beings, thus all "things" begin with a source of origin. There are equal parts, which funnel unto what we deem as this "original" substance. In "ancient times" this substances has been referred as Prima Materia, pre-substance or premature. Yet truly this source, which in ROKbodhi we identify as pure source or pure form or simply purity of itself, has a source. The need for purity in any alchemical measure is vital, yet we see, that by gaining this purity, by harnessing the balance of this source, we do not rid ourselves of the same elemental force power sway, which be happening, as events, undulations, shifts, changes, of frequency, of pulse.
 In this Phi be the measure, as with any successful agency, as in a political system, a corporation, The writing of a book, and of course an individual. We soon see, once applying this successful method of ongoing source, of this force energy, that there be no separation from the outside, in, nor the inside out. Thus beacons the ROKbodhi 321-123 Mantra

"Form follows function, function into form"

To say that this work is all original, that it thus borrows not from other methods is a null statement. In that the information contained here, is how all things correlate and work, as a single unit of measure, in the source form of spheres. This source from, must be able to work as independently as it does as a fully operational machine, only choosing to effect the greater circumference of a sphere, and thus all spheres rotation, involved with the held consciousness, a focus, by the agent. This agent, which we call the initiator, is you.

Whether or not you choose to except this, or truly to take responsibility of this fact, is the only free will, you truly have. Once you begin to see your place, is in fact, within a sphere, of anti-principle, as in the political rule, the totalitarian control of a single global, and galactic state, becomes thus evident in that, you will begin to see, without question, that in fact impurity, and unbalance, is that method which the world as you know it, has drawn on all negative aspects, chaos, of source energy, the supply of this energy, is, well you, the unwilling, begrudging slave, whom shuffles to work, and thus shuffles away. In short

There is no purity, every act, every task, every system within the system, every method of control, anchors back to impurity, and if you chose to follow the balance, you are instantly "out of alliance" with the impure methods of this source.

This book is not meant not meant to be one of political or religious inference, however, due to the above, you can see how not one act, be removed from the other. This is the explanation to all things, all events all signs, symbols, colors and phenomena. in short this is that explanation, and as a center to purity, we will use the aesthetic as a key marker, and make comparative analysis through out this text.

All things must have a center point, a point of origin. Seeing that the sphere is not a circle, nor a measure of Pi, but an ongoing force, which be constantly distributed between to halves. This even flow is seen with respect to your own physical form, as right and left halves. Why should the sphere be any different then you begin to see the larger, or smaller picture? That is, that measure of the Phi swirl, which "infinitely" swirls inward, as well as outward. One could look at the Sun, since it is that sphere which offers life itself to us, as the same, in that, the Sun is said to have a "Black Hole" center, and obviously radiates, frequency, vibration, heat, sound, out into the far reaches of space, in one second, having traveled at a said, out of vacuum speed of roughly 186,000 miles per second. Are we, however, ever "outside a vacuum"?

If the center of the Sun that is, be considered a Black Hole, as it were, then this be yet another spherical representation of Phi, which is the vacuum as this vacuum draw, and redistribute information at ever more condensed sub atomic levels, or truly, spheres of information. We can only now assert this information as particles, or truly Fermion, that which our molecular structure be comprised.

This structure, of Fermion, same as the water molecule or any other representation of Phi, has 6 basic positive components, and 6 unseen anti components. Since this is not a book about quantum Physics, we wont get into detail, on the subject specifically. We see that there is a cent point, to a molecule however, and that this center point, too, be considered by many also a black hole. It is thus the containment of this source, which spins the Fermion, or is the opposite, that is, the Fermion (particles) be contained by the source?

We know that there is no viable explanation to roughly 50% of Sun ri, that is, we can not see it, but, nor do we know what it may "do", whoever we know that roughly this % be of exist.

As in Phi perfection, the condensed number is 1.618

This number acts as a ratio, which can also be translate into the word reason, and reason into radian and radian being the same as degree, and degree being a measure of an amount, and thus obviously an amount be the word value, and value thus must be a perfect number.

Following me so far?

I have obviously broken past the detail in this book, it is not laziness, and one must remind themselves, whilst reading this, that this is not a book of source information pertaining to Science, Quantum Physics, nor Physiology, it is thus it's own self admitted pseudo science, which the other titles it himself, to avoid the conjecture from overly syllogistic robot (which I personally call forcebots) meaning "Those who do not question, believe all things society at large says to them, as long as they be proven to be standard amongst Men of their time, and thus may produce proper gain, or render payment from (in the form of current earth credits)."

There is are as said six component to Light, Sound, as well as all substance. Always there be a center point of resonating tone. Thus I came up with what the other calls EPL, Esoteric Principles of Light, in order that we could further see the commonality, to this reoccurring number sequence, and name those agents with what be termed EPL Principles. Since man is a mixture, as all all things, times, and events, we had better to assert these principles also have a center point, but are thus emotionally driven, that feel of motion, and sound, as force.

In secret crests, symbols, of all sorts, through out all measurable time, the symbols have been waiting to be cracked, That common link, that great Philosopher, of our not so distant past, made such great effort, at which, to link the number, with the written word, to find the root of all words, thus letters...that great source, towards the fiber of the universe. That man either be a beacon, always to shine forth, or a vampire, always to take, hoard and draw in, or to be the rare third, as to keep a healthy balance, within the center of point, of his own vacuum cone, giving and taking always at balance degrees/ratio/levels of reason.

There is a fourth state, that which is so rare, as to have never been accomplished, outside the Christ or anointed one's self isolation and destruction, that center point of the cross, which be the truly the division of what could be termed in EPL as Red, Blue, Purple and Green, or seen further as Principle itself, Sacrifice, Expression, Wisdom, and Community. On a more scientific scale, this could also be looked at as a number based code, that is, looking at the measure of the colors, Which I will tell you now, as late as 2010, it has been found that science has seen the faint call of Phi from each and every Fermion, or particle as frequency or vibration. I will not site People or publication in this text, as information here is freely given to the general public on public access computer networks, and thus is hearsay and conjecture, not a valid form of scientific expression, so to, does the term pseudo science, not be in need of validation by any ancient machination, of what EPL terms, TJPM.

EPL contends, that it hates no one, and yet everyone. That those sphere of intellect, and emotion not be separate, and thus, I was not the originator not making of those terms, which arise as seemingly, separate, distinguishable forms? So too, is the call of Phi, not separate, nor divided, and so to, the information, or truly ongoing rediscovery of Patented information, not solely owned by a man, corporation or law, which be transient in form. Thus Jesus flipped over the tables of commerce, which were exploiting principle with law, thus the JPM.

Those will be divided, who are not part of the original numbers of people. It is startling how the number 500,000, also plays into Phi, yet, this offer believes that the truth and consistent number should be seen as a specific display of Phi,, that is 1.618 (1 part, or 1 times) 61.8%, which could also be seen as man having the greater number of rule, which the ratio of man and woman are grossly off, and this author believes was the first phase, of eradication, the goal by secret sects, to filter through the "errors" only leaving the cream of the crop, problem is, as with each generation of man, is that there be a one, who is superior to even the most elite, that is stuck within the Pleroma of their making, leaving them thus center less, King less, thus useless. This is the great purge, all that Man, and his gods, can and have ever accomplished, self expression, by way of eradication,

Always new, always fresh is this one, who thus, must also, in form, follow the undulations, of chaos and order. Two halves of Phi, spinning, at specific intervals, held in a moment, a place, conditional to the entirety of self. and you just wanted tighter abs, a perfect but and to be the envy of your piers, perhaps now you see who selfish, and slave like the notion be, as to oust the elite, only to emulate them in a much more barbaric and self preserving fashion. You have over looked those aspects, of affiliation, and why it is essential to affiliate.

I serve one Master, in EPL we call this God Uber Gott. In that, this be all God's combined into one, which displays a total respect of God, as pure source form, to times, things and event therefor. EPL deems itself, as the supplement to all religions EPL acts a Rosetta Stone, as it were, to reveal it as a language decoder. by simply placing a number, letter or ancient symbol over the EPL Crest, shows this simple assertion. This however only takes us to 21, of 23 possible alphabet letter codes, yet don't forget, that the letter or number, or symbol placed represent a principle, bringing the decipher code to 22 numbers/count, and that of interpretation, in that, this entire text, as all text, including the Bible are written with two possible and complete interpretations, a dichotomy, which always bring a choice before the viewer, thus to use the term "Become what you are". There is a Light side, and thus a dark side to every thing, and this is near to unalterable, as you will do what you are programmed, or created to do. Your actions promote by way of thought, and further still sub thoughts which are pre inclinations of the force which flows through you, you are who you are. Thus we live in a space, which has not become what it be, in measure, or degree, that is, we are being perpetuated in a semi middle state of exist, which is by way of environment, there exist the cross, as those 4 separate divisions of Man, or there too is a fifth element if you will, as seen with the pentagram, as a diagram of energy transfer, which beacons a return trip, back to the now. That is, a time repeat based, on the yield to what ever power of default may be in control at any given time, this is the peasants mind. With EPL there be a sixth, as in Six places or sides within the perfect water molecule, six places with those positive Fermion as they spin life, six notes to original music score, six colors, six frequencies, which reveal a 7th (Purity), at the center, and thus an 8th (Truth, Phi swirling into itself, and out of itself), that thus an aura which stems from this, to create a "9" placing, (that outer shell), and thus we see the direct count of 9, but truly, by way of Phi measure, this number be 21, again displaying, that to earn the tenth place, or position, we must make a choice, which be already made, as we have a place within the sphere, a geographic location as it were, thus ushers in the placing of our own personal symbol over the alter, that energy code which we live by, thus to chose a direction of fate, those two places which always feed into the vacuums current, left and right, darkness or light...this, be our statement of intent, our perspective past 61.8% of total completion.

This seems to be quite abstract, but the main teaching here, is that the "M" or truly "W" cycle, is the statement of the very undulation cycle, which must be adhered to, in order that you see any noticeable and sustainable strides, in any venture, within the substance we currently share. This can be seen as the recurring positive spike met next 24 cycle by a downward "under trough". When momentum force be sacrificed, IE confidence, concentration thus mentalism be broken from this recurring them, vibration is set off, the chain is broken and so to all that is effected by "the ripple effect".

Physical display of Phi
Truth in numbers

Wrist circumference and body fat percent should be the same (for me 6.25). A larger person should have a larger body fat percent, for Phi, or ideal perfection, of the self

I will get more into the exact measure of Phi, according to ROKbodhi 321-123 measure, you will find this differs greatly, if only seeming marginal, from the math of perfection, by those famous sculptors and artists, alike, who, used a static representation of perfection.

ROKbodhi, as well as EPL, employ, at the heart the respect of two dimensional hemispheres or zones, which when as one, as in the human form, of Man, create a residual energy yield, which could be seen as a very unique footprint, to this materia Prima (original lexicon of the source) other words:

Man 6 point of energy, Sun, the Merkabah/Star of David/Hexagram (used in countless "religions" yet there truly be one statement, so too, one true religion worship of the principles as symbol, as this be the closest to God, for which we can come to Him, thus Uber Gott/Super God

Woman 5 points of energy, Moon, Star,the Pentagram, Satanic sign, but truly the yield of ego, to the left, for the world or corporeal state of exist

Together 11 points, yet truly with residual energy yield, remember the sphere are in movement, thus to add a center, a rear and a front, where energy be produced as well as emitted. We thus arrive at the non static form of 13, which is because the remaining energy yield, provides power to the next cycle.

We thus see the reemergence of these 13 places of perfection, that when in motion, as a unit, produce a yield. This is the great seal of Solomon,

There are thus 5 unsaid points to a week. Thursday Breaks the week into two separate, and divisible halves. 3 days on one side of Thursday, 3 or the Other, further we see that Thursday is a representation of the next cycle, of 3.5 days,

In ROKbodhi, after the initial 3 phases

1) Purification: 2-3 weeks, of chemical adjustment, changing the diet, adding in prayer, meditation
2) Form: 2-3 months, perfecting the diet, and weekly regimen adding in walking/running
3) Function; 3-5 Months of perfecting the diet, prayer, energy requirements, adding in resistance training

You will find, within this 5-8 month routine, you will, completely alter your chemistry, thus your form will follow.


Since there is nothing removed from spiritual force, that is, not one movement we can make, nor thought we think is removed from the sphere of exist, that sphere, the most obvious being our planet, having a single soul, a single quest, as a unit of one, we need to see our place within it. There are places of default, which have been left vacant, by those who are the worthy card holders, or those who were clandestine, made, for a specific purpose, within this spiritual machine. When these places have no operator, the next worthy choice, by default, steps into the place, to perpetuate this function of form. In other words, it is a combined state of mind, which be manifest as the moment, a time, era or reality.
 Since we know that eras change, that fads change, that likes, and people, and thus mind state changes, it would be safe to assume that for crude analogy

What be thought of as convenient today, is the same basic force of energy, the same basic thought "principle" or "anti-principle", that be drawn upon in the past.

For instance, the idea, ideal, and thus emotional thought process, of say the hamburger and fries on the way to work, was once a sushi roll, a sandwich, a loaf of bread, a bowl of yesterdays rice, a feast of other words, that quick food, made ready, by commerce, in the convenience of a community or society, which took for granted, the readiness of such luxury, as common, everyday, and "steady state". The assumption alone, perpetuated the need, and the need, made community, production, trade and thus law, based around convenience. These terms can be replaced as Fuel, or Cattle, but the bottom line be, that without the perfection of such trades and thus the commercial trade of such conveniences, information and the very chemical make up of who we are, would not be manifest, nor perpetuated into a synthetic a posteriori, as it were. In other words, we have become a product of our environment, and more, our environment has been well planned and dictated to, since before it's inception.

 With total genocide, this could easily occur as soon as the dust settles. That is, that first feral animal, called man, fresh from the purified gene pool, to once again, become Adam, and the elite, that scientist who mastered the cycles, Adamas, the producer of such a breed.

There is only one thing, which rises above and those are principles, else we are but cattle, being led, and thus reacting to every little change within the sphere of exist, only gaining knowledge, which becomes embedded a priori, synthetic in the sense, that we have become what we are told, fed, exposed to.


How this effects the days of the week and your "training" is quite simple. One of the most straight forward applications, to introduce to the ROKbodhi123 plan, is to go through the above mentioned "W" cycle, hitting 3 peaks, to 2 down beat (troughs). One way of looking at this is to do a resistance based training working (peak) followed by a walking session next day (dip), and so on. Yet, the thing that differs most, with ROKbodhi, comes by way of getting more fat buring, more muscle building done, faster result, in far less "time". Thus the AM, combining the all protein gluconeogenic stage, with a power ROKbodhi Flex/Stretch Walk, on is already in that human growth hormone peak, eventually, with enough time, within optimal hormone balance as well (HPT AXIS), better localized IGF stimulus. In that we are able to also maximize results from the "MASTELLER MICRO WORKOUT". That is, instead of doing 12-16 sets in a workout, 3, 4, 5 or 6 sets, over 3 workouts renders more continuous blood flow patterns, better break down and recovery, increased metabolic function. The next day, on the "dip or trough" as it is expected, a Long Slow Distance Walk (avoiding high heart rate peaks), followed by 2-3 small "Non compound set" based workout sessions. These sessions, mainly involving isolation exercises, avoiding heavy lifting, higher repetitsons  (MASTELLER'S PARTIAL REP, SUPERSLOW, AND PULSATILE COMBINATION HIGH VOLUME SET TRAINING, WITH MATCHED BREATHING PATTERNS).

EPL in your Training
The Collective Mind

The undulating diet IE ROKbodhi Gear Shifting Principles, along with the undulating workout plan, get results FAST, and sustainable! This is done, with the MASTELLER PLAN. Quite simply connecting the Life Principles to your training Principles, thus leaving the Ego to God, is a very big part of the practice and the Picture. Many studies have shown the Living Matrix, which surrounds our world, on into larger spheres, to be activated by our very collective mental mind focus. In our workouts, we bring these Principles with us. As the physical body itself, is but a representation of these Principles in motion.

The Reduction

I thus noticed the only thing to do, is to reduce into the element of what existence be, truly that of which being itself be comprised of. No longer drawing upon the whims of accepted norms, and false standards. The prize was no longer important to me, and at first, we become the burden on those nearest to us, for they must be chasing the illusion as they support our need to break free from the mold. This can be done willingly, but because of a built in false competition, that is, who will get to the well first, who will gain control, which is what people of today are driven of, the energy of the Pentagram is of a yielding sort, within the sphere of exist, in that, there is service to an invisible elite, who created the herding system, and thus, are not being paid, nor benefiting from the very money which they too control, but rather, it be, of some unseen valuable elemental force, which I believe is the residual energy yield, human produced EM or spiritual force, from a prayer focus on the same goal, survival by the gain of Money.

It's hard to admit, that we are a part of this madness, because we take ourselves as the very suits, which we drive through out this carbon based existence. EPL delves further into the notion, that we exist in specific zones, or sphere of thought.

The Bible itself warns of the Anti-Christ preaching peace, offering the one mind, that this be the Son of the Devil. All the while, good Christians are voting for politicians that offer this, and never make good on their promises. Christians want peace, want people to come together, as a unit, and so the confusion of these built in forms of control become astounding.

Funny to think, that one who may actually offer the peaceful solution, to show Man, and Woman, there true place, and to take the self based craft, placing it towards a solution, be made out to be the worst form of human atrocity, which has been embedded, thought never truly named, that is outside or before the council of Nicaea, in other words, those Catholic elite who are being revealed as followers of a very dark dichotomy of secrecy, who controlled a world government for 2 millennial are the very creators of the term Anti-Christ.

 The return of Christ may very well be the return of true wisdom, where a Christ Mind set, becomes the focus to the masses. If we all were prepared to hang on a cross for true Principles, absent the distraction of ideals, imagine how unified the world could be. Thus the combination of Christ, and Anti-Christ is what the agenda truly fears, and searches for day to day. With those mechanism of mind control. That is, to fight the current assumed systems of faith, which keep the same men in charge, the same ruling elite as in Jesus time "I have come to bring fire unto the world". Combining this element with that of the so called Anti-Christ, who is said to be present to restore peace, with a one mind, one world system.

 The problem is, the total removal of the elite from power, is all part of the illusive plan, held now for ages. We are well into the final phases, where these very principles have been replaced as a world mind, of Anti-Principle, which begins always with Impure systems of thought.

It is sad, that when mention of purity be said, one has been so brainwashed by the plan, of this dark system, that Nazi rule comes to mind. Which is why the world must first gain a sense of balance and harmony, where no one should be afraid of their right to exist. The main issue we see, is one of an over dominance in the world population. They want us to either look to war, or look to the heavens, as to inhabit other star systems. The natural process is under way, and there is simply no way that we can evade the process of reduction now. I would suggest thus, to reduce thyself, into principle alone, and begin to pull away from the false community which is solely based on commerce, that false smile, for your daily bread. Truth be told, anyone who can truly smile and go about casual atmospheric conditioning, that is socializing, is either madly delusional or in such direct competition to his neighbor, that he and his pearly whites, mostly what ever he is selling, simply can not be trusted.

 It is time to pull away, allow the next phase to take place, and ready yourself, with the tenacity of spirit, which is all you ever had to "control" in the first place, that is, who do you serve.

Thus EPL
Uber Gott, a super God, who is a component of your god, and your god, and your god, and yes, even to your God over there. Knowing full well we are not worthy to look upon this God, but to ever perfect ourselves, in every possible way, in order to meet him. The principles of religions is not defined, and when they are, can not be agreed upon, within one single religion, thus I created my own religion, which is based on Principle alone. Those who are benefiting, would appose my views the most, and that's way I make no efforts at recruitment, this is, My Religion EPL, I am already of the One Mind, having faith in only one God, who is that God who has no name, nor is my mind nor lips able to describe him, yet to say, he is the ever expanding and ever shirking God. In other words, that has my mind, my spirit, my soul becomes the very principles, of which I speak, by focus and meditation, encompassing the base to all my thoughts and actions, including this text here, I am chasing his example, to never stop seeking, which is why I chose these fours Gospels as the center "crux" to EPL as a true religion, the supplement to all religion

The Gospel of Truth
The Gospel of Thomas
and the Gospels of Mary as well as the Gospel of Judas

These four main gospels, are a perfect example of the four main branches, the truth behind the cross as an ancient symbol, and thus also, the Gospels themselves be the doctrine of the four Principle colors, in EPL, (Purity) Red, Blue, Purple, Green (Orange, Yellow, Truth/Rainbow).

I am Further not making alliance with any symbols, organizations, political affiliations, nations or religions of any kind, with the symbols, name, colors, meditation, or general over view of the EPL focus. I was, and am a Man, who saw my time here, as finite, and thus, also noticed, we are permitted to focus on but one thing, and one thing alone, as our master statement of living a successful life, that is, in striving to the Purity and True Holiness that is God, that is to be Man, that is to be all things. A language is spoken in our actions, that is far more important that the lexicon, or notions of underlying meanings. We have thus forgotten our duty to ourselves, and one another, in chasing after complex notions of existence, which are simply gestures, as to our due our fellow neighbor, but yet, using the most machinating methods to achieve this. Our very system is based around the success of a sales man, the Movie Actor, the Politician, the Corporate CEO, are all successful master at this trade of lure and hook. We are thus prided on the acquisition of sexual conquest, which be one and the same, as well as monitory gain, which be got, by requisitioning a set amount of money, creating instantly, a frequency tone, of darkness and competition, "first one to the well drinks, the rest, well, die and suffer". This is not survival of the fittest, because at one time, I was in this class, it didn't take long for an elite group of people to take notice of me, and thus began to the transition, where I would chose the right or the left path. The right path is filled with suffering, not because God made it this way, it is the system, which abuses people, with their very own Holy doctrine.

 If I way any religion with these principles, any country, any people, non of us pass the test of them, and thus, must work always on refining ourselves.

Where Aesthetics come in

It may seem such a far stretch as to say, "Obtain, then maintain Phi, with respect to your own physical form, and you will, over time learn Principle", when we are so brainwashed, as to believe this to be but a superficial quest. We having been condition to betray even our own notions towards a healthy body, equals equilibrium and thus a healthy mind. Again, a system create, and thus a mechanism of total control, as our own thoughts deceive us.

I say that we should look at the way fasting is the way to a clear spiritual mind, and that one who does this technique correctly will lose fat, lose weight, build temperance and show a self care, which surpasses a mere physical or rather corporeal notion. We have thus to see, that also, as the Holy Man in all cultures and religion walks, and walks to the beat of his very Principle drive, he is becoming his thoughts. To eat living foods, and to thank the earth for providing, thus the Lord of this realm, the one of the right.

 We soon see, that balance and flexibility become part of the natural flow, when there not be a belly as to inhibit the stretch. From this activity, the healthy mind, will seek out water, which detoxifies the or purifies the form. As the Man employing such practices becomes thus hungry, at days end, he will much more rapidly absorb and thus make effort to store all nutrients provided. The nutrients coming from simple and cheap sources, such as those vegetables which provide a single meal, and rice enough to allow the spiritual practices to continue.

 ROKbodhi takes on yet another phase, beyond the 5 points, where his ego, shines for God, and thus supports and directs this energy, as to glorify God. Here there is a building up process, a hardening of that Phi perfection, into solid form. We have thus to enjoy the fruits of technology, community, science in it's working form, taking in proteins, those structures which comprise us, in order that we become better and sharper versions of our selves.

One can not continue with the ROKbodhi lifestyle, if one does not employ this higher purpose of being. I do not do this to help cheating house wives to tighten their drooping butts, nor for the middle aged Man, going through crisis, as to out due his very Son. Which is why ROKbodhi is my copyrighted method, linked to my religion, both of which, have received not one penny for funding, in development. I have lived a lonely and isolated live, which showed me temperance and care as a way of living. Often pacing off the path, but in the final, knowing that I would never again, deceive the principles I have identified. I am Man, in pure form, the the pure form of MAN, and wish to be called thus.

"Average Man"

The C average

61.8 is a C average, in our current Dewey brainwashing system. If a true student were to not deceive one aspect of self, it is impossible to beat this average. That is, when all Principle spheres are spinning, as not to pull energies from the adjacent and motion filled principles. EPL is a religious view of the multifarious mind. To maintain Purity, as to deny a self, will soon let you off the hook, from outdoing scores and numbers of achievement, done by others, only to leave your spiritual mind and self vacant and ready for force manipulation. This is the agendas goal, to make you so spiritually vacant, or promote such an idiocy of belief, that total faith, can not manifest, nor ever take place. That Faith in motion, what stems from the center, where Purity first promotes all life, all existence, the thing you make grand efforts to destroy in your force quest for conquest and self glorification.

The Toxic Complement

Be not deceived, that in this day, the very complement, is your true enemies last method at breaking through this barrier of perfection, which is impenetrable when purity of intention be concerned. That is, doing all things, to serve the Father. It is a method, a mode of the agenda, as to destroy the Man who shines bright in society. When he shines, there is an attack, instantly you will see people change, as if a celebrity walked in the room however in his humble beginnings. The demon like way, as to sabotage with trickery
 Those in command, are those who break you down, cause you to eventually identify yourself as just a component to the false machine, the illusion, where your very life sacrifice be the goal, and not peace. Blood of a Son, the Sacrifice of Son's in the Holy Grail they are after, and thus, the dichotomy, that there be an unholy grail, those Anti-Principles which are opposing Principle, which is not a quest for me to point out here.


ROKbodhi 321-123
The Perfection lifestyle

The immortal mind

In the same method, as when you construct you day, your week, your month, will you in turn, perfect you meals, your training, for Phi lays out such a simple and direct way, this is the original from of Man, which hold his form Pure, as Pure Man, which is deemed now, as not unlike Herakles, or god Man.
A Day
Purity upon awakening
 Purity comprising those first hours of Sun light in a day. Where One is meant, to wake into mediation, reciting the EPL Principles and Prayers, always delivering the greatest service, the offering of your very energy yield up to Uber Gott, beyond the Sun, yet to see the Sun, as liaison, as emissary, as provider, and thus you share in this cause.
We were born to be perfect as all perfect things in nature resonate with Phi. Phi is found in frequency calling from the very fermion which comprises all things, in this realm of exist. Though you may be of imperfect proportion, not the limbs of phi, nor the structure you will find this source as a good way to become your very best. This Mind state is to be held for a period of 1 hour. Spinning and meditating, multifariously as you begin to go about your day. Further Questioning your motives to all the rituals which you do, which set the very tempo for your day. Purity is the goal, removing all thoughts that are not of reduction into Principles form, that is, become the Principle.  You will notice the Sun shine for you, but it is not for you, but your shared cause, and thus continue to grow towards Uber Gott, offering your Ego to the one EGO, UBER GOTT!

Faith, focused on the second hour of the day, and also the second day of the week, Monday
 This first hour brings a faith into you life. Further centering you to a new, yet ancient reason, to exist. You fight those principalities and thus Jesus True Meaning, his true word, be restored instantly, within you! Principles are not principalities, not an end product, but always the beginning. You are renewed by faith, and thus shine with his light, Uber Gott, not Satan, not Lucifer, nor any other ancient, and misleading, nor outdated term, nor name. Ours is the ever expanding God, to which we eternally search, and find him, within us, by way of the practice of principles. This faith is, purity into motion, as it shines forth, it must take physical affirmation burned calories as a measure of this force of radiation which promotes and propels us all. Faith is Will, the Will of Purity in motion.

 The next hour of you day you will reflect on your Will, being God's will. That these Principles are indeed the active work of God in motion, and not a Lord, nor false God, which seems to intercept the offerings all religions prior press forth, with mere flaky idealism, a notion towards buying a ticket to heaven. EPL as well as The ROKbodhi Mantra, are based, on the knowing, with utter faith, Heaven is here now, and the access to heaven are the Principles, so too, the outside world, will manifest into the form of this heaven.

Not holding any negative ideas or notions of past, but to see, that the relay of the torch, which now with the EPL Strength of Mind State, be a Sword, and this Sword is the Purity of Truth, Truth in Purity, we press forth with conviction, as to what and whom we serve, shining bright, but to give always our false ego, over to Uber Gott, the one True God, Praise be thy name, to which we are not worthy to speak. Only in Principle, from this receptacle can we know him. Shine forth with Faith!
The Third hour of you day, and also to be focused on as study, on the third True day of the week, Tuesday
Next those preparatory agents which bring EPL Principles into motion
These are:
These are the Cross, which give forth the motion, the very magnitude of Principles motion, and thus effect.





The sign of the cross. Those who have died, to protect the cross, and yes, the True Jesus Christ, the Messiah, will be held dear, yet as he taught, not to martyr him, nor ourselves but to represent these Principles into Motion!

Thus Spins Love
Love is misunderstood, abused, as are those Children of our society, all of them, all of you. Love is not a free hand out, or pity! Love is not the spoil of a soul, nor the torment to force a loved one to live up to a false ideal or standard. Love is, the Expression of Principles into motion. So to is faith, the binding agent, that you should stay the course, with your system of utter faith, that you do not waver, as those around you test you, to look away from the goal. I am not held to explain myself to you, but to serve God alone, and if you hold these Principles as the highest value, which we know of now, we will thus have faith not in one another but faith in the Principles as a testament to our service to only God.

One should begin back at the beginning, Purity, then build to the understanding of Faith, in motion, then into form, Love. A blossoming Love of life goes forth, and not unlike a mirror image, comes back to use, in order, that we can view the product of our love, seeing that it be pure indeed, and not lust for things, times and events. This affirmation being about Hope. Instantly one begins to look forward, with the joy of true prosperity.

The Heart of a True Warrior

To continue on with such mental mind focus, as ones perceived life riches crumble is the inevitable initial outcome to this separation from impure source. One must build what is called Temperance, which is a Principle of balance, yet to show, that neutrality must be fought for. To build temperance, one must be trained, and place these principles into active form. Temperance can thus be known by both dark and light forces, as in tempered steel, the sword can be used to secure providence, or to rule with cruel and destructive action, when purity be not present, nor known. The thing that will balance the mind of such a warrior, is Care. One must care for a sword, and thus his ability to wield it! Care in the crafting, the construction...this is the shared force of the cross, as one arm extends to the right, and the other to the left. But not to forget that from the center, comes all being, and those who have used craft in dark ways, know full well, that all power comes from a pure source. To stay with the dark arts, one thus finds that they have become the very breaker of wills, with pure intention. This is the mind of the tempered soul, and this is the place of the cross, which defines a person, and his source of like, unto form.

So we are reminded, of this temptation, and must try on the garments of Mercy and Compassion. If these fail, that is, the understanding fails, and the antithesis be known, to be Merciless, and not with compassion, we see the said warriors of our time, as they become spirit forms, these are the Brother's Black, which are mentioned in the mysteries. Some have been tortured and willed into this depravity. No longer seeing the world as godless, but to be the campaign of hatred towards an unjust God, who allowed these events to take place, so we must look deeper into our hearts even further still and be sure.

Again we must go to the source, within our minds eye. We begin with the perfect source, Purity, and work our way out, checking, with now wisdom, of purity, that our Faith not be blind, but known, as we serve the Principles, that these principles come from the highest source, how could we thus not strive for perfection in this knowledge of truly being? We then go onto Mercy, seeing that pure Mercy is no pity, nor an act of charity, Mercy is to be shown in it's pure form with patience. To understand that if a one be making true effort towards the Principles, then they too will learn them, know them and teach them. This bring about a balance, and thus compassion, but compassion is to be gotten by way of focus, staying the course, the pure way of being, living, and thus learning. Compassion can thus be displayed, in compassion's pure form with reminding by way of your own actions, taking care of the self, and we see Temperance, again manifest, that one must relearn these lessons from the inside out, form the outside in, and I believe be the true language of what Holy Men Knew. It is for these Men, who fight for existence, that existence ironically takes place. So again, Jesus displayed this in his life and works.

Next are those which further balance the cause, a shared unbreachable venture again, not to identify dark or light. Those gifts unto Men who have made it so far, as the knowledge of the sword. Passion is it's unbridled state, states no nobility, yet too, the Men of the greatest means, who make their stars known, are not defined as good, those who have true passion. Lust is what the untamed demon has, thinking and being sure it is passion as they mimic and copy only what they perceive, which is little, and most here fall into this ignorant state. Passion is the final force, with it's balancing agent, Trust, which spins the nations. When one of the dark arts is well equipped in the thought, action and display of this balance, and thus becomes master of them, he has the power of Kings, rare is a King who displays Passion and Trust to the proper degree, to create the proper and pure form, of a nation. It is far easier to get one who has the lesser ability, call him general, and call upon him, allowing the force to take on it's own identity, like the USA, a King less Kingdom.

But to know Passion in Passions Pure form, again, that Passion to die on a cross? To carry a Cross? To wield a Cross? Passion can only be promoted due of a flowing current. The current must know where it came from, where it be going to, and thus to create a force of speed, which is power, in motion. Passion is thus, momentum force, the think that successful Men must become.

Yet even the "King less" Kingdom, can not stand on Passion alone, Passion does not have the pure power of Patience, to navigate the waters. There must be a trusted adviser, the adversary, that intellectual Man, who places, as a component, his God given patient hand, as the craftsman the magi, the one who can plot out a course after careful study of the Stars. This ones name is trust, and he is often killed, and his works are stolen, and given to those who have the God given ability, as adversary, trusted adviser, but have no principles, this is after all how nations of our time command, components without principles.

You thought that owning a timeless, and perfect body was any different than a nation proclaiming the same thing? You will be tested, and most will fail. By way of seduction, the witches, who have no principle, but work to prove the filth of Man, is the same as the filth of a Women, scorned and pressed away by God's own hand.

It takes a never ending focus on Principles to keep the nation, which be body, strong. Ample supply of proper rest, nutrition, and commerce are constantly threatened, from without the nation, as well as within. Then know this EPL/ROKbodhi Principle Rule, said by Phi in it's first known state. 1 times 61.8 is the place where the Angels or Devils will know their like, their kind. It is in this place, that the Principles (anti-principles) will begin to spin there Holy force (or unholy magic).

The 8 points of Purity


Day to day you may find that the ancients had it "write". Written in the Emerald Tablet, at least what is left of "Thoth's" work (Thoth meaning thought, thought being the active form of "the knowledge as in Gnosis), that the star power corresponds with particular days of the week. Yet the undulation of these, is more important to "know/reason". 

Thursday is undeniably and "UP" day, in many ways, I consider this day the beginning of the week. A power day!
Thus Friday is a low point, Saturday another Peak, while Sunday is another trough, or lower point (dip) and should have a lower work load, lower expectations. If we don't pre-define this, we are just guessing, guess like Gauss the mathematician who noticed the famous 101 on the way up, 101 on the way down, that set side by side, in reverse the number add up to one another. Thus there are no coincidences, when we plan correctly, we get results, but they can not be rigid plans, outside of the spheres, in which we life. With EPL and ROKbodhi as the "active form", our intentions are to take back our world, by going directly to the higher mind, with EPL Principles into motion. 

Men need to become aware, get involved. The absent Father, the clueless Husband, and the feckless Son, are all manifestations of not coincidence but opposing intent. Specifically Men, and womb-men, who will better Men to inhabit earth, need to realize the state our sphere is in, one only has to look so far, as to see who has become the sub-class, Man in his own house is not welcome, but a visitor.   


The goal, if there is any, be that of continuance. If the very tether, to a source, causes one to stumble and fall, then the source is deemed thus "unworthy of continued effort". It is this very "if it burns the furnace, then it is useful when the item be needed" is exactly who capitalism works, and why it meets it's true end, time and again. Whether termed Republic of Communist, if the Elite prosper, with the vast majority left poor, hopeless and alone, the system can not be deemed "a sound one" as in a clear, unobstructed "vibration of libation".

The ego should be given to God, or in EPL the highest God, UBER GOTT. The zero is abstract lie. The circle is not 2 dimensional, because there is no such thing as 2 dimensions. If are to write on a piece of paper, the intentions, and the spiritual nature of what you are writing is the first dimension, of it's existence. Therefor any machine employed to destroyed, goes back onto the blood of it's creator. There is however, not one creator, outside the realm of God and his purity, to any blemished event, or bad situation, this is a string, an entanglement of minds thoughts and actions. 

Most of us are just playing the part, acting as if we are made of more. We emulate those who are placed before us, and the machine which commands a frequency we call our own mind, has already been breached from the start, how could we then be to blame, if we are not willing agents, who have sold ourselves by way of degree. The degree, as to take the atrocity of mind to a certain level, and to think that complacency be forgiveness thus. 

Jesus is the way the truth and the life. However from an esoteric sense, it does not matter so much, whether or not he actually lived, but that the standard of the pure man, and what that Man would manifest, from Purity alone, could do for the mind of he who has faith in purity, as a principle. All the Principles below are a component of the pure machine. Each one expressing a sphere, or degree of purity, and how purity can be kept, when traveling through the trials, here and beyond. This is truly the First Step, and so Truth be the emerging 8. 

Purity spins to the Center, as perfect as Phi, and in fact, is Phi, in motion. Phi is in motion, two halves of 1.618, plus a residual makes up not the static circle but the moving, pulsing and living sphere. Truth emerges as the 8th point, that of continuance. A Man's statement, his efforts, his intention be spun thus, by his truth. The truth of the pure Man, keeps ever Generating, as the the generative "G', 

To sacrifice your time, energy, to God, in order that you may secure purity in the things you do. That the trials of sub principles have shown you that Sacrifice is what makes the word go round. Sacrifice of great Men, who leave a marker for other to follow, echoes out into the either of all time. So too, the dark arts, sacrifice pure Son's, each day, making effort to drive the purity back into it's source, to break the holy and sacred from of what makes all things what they are. Those who are mislead, are able to return to this purity, do not be fooled.

Sacrificing foods, wasted time, un holy acts, puts the purity seeker ever in concert to becoming a well oiled and working machine, of spiritual integrity. To know the tools needed, these are 13, those areas of mastery of the human form, in flexibility, in continuity, if form. To move freely, and move towards 13 efforts, in 13 muscle groups, or places of interconnecting command, this is the way.

Do you not think that with applied Temperance, the most fearful emotion can, as a unit of one mind, become the very hand of justice, dealt unto itself? It is thus, the fear, or, imagined event, of physical punishment, which is worse of it's brand, straight from the incomplete thinkers mind, as to roll off of  weak and accusing tongue. As to cast out, that sense of inner imbalance, that lack in equilibrium onto the community, which you assault, namely your very family, children, loved ones? This is that brand, of synthetic signature, only the drunk, and stupid, fools bound their kind, may apply.

Each Principle has a dark, and light side, in balance by degree, when dealing with this unsteady foe, there is order to applied to the chaotic...isolated the flames of their ignorance. I thus, have no Father, all are Brother's and Brother's of our time can not be trust, I trust thus on one, and one alone, Uber Gott, for he Nations fall, away like leaves, blowing in an easterly wind.

 After all Principle requirements be met, an expression be made. This expression is done, without words, yet a knowing, as the disillusioned peasants, Witches, and Mason' and god's and Druids look upon your form, does it pass the test? The trained eye, sees the math, the alchemical mind sees what makes up the form, the jealous witches see value to take, the peasant sees a god, and the god's see one of their own. Here there is solace, a place to rest, yet the impostors, those commissioned by the Brother's Black, are always out to intervene, for many know not which side be right.

The Expression is the from and is the statement, the ROKbodhi Mantra in walking and moving form

"Form follows function, and function into form"

I could not write this, if I had not known these Principles with the greatest pain, and the greatest gain, and loss.

To take in 13 meals, of protein, 13 times that we drink water. To earn the place and the from that stands.

13 Movements to the ROKbodhi Method, In 8 spheres of consideration

Do not thus speak in hast, nor make effort to ever bark louder, only in this time, will fools tongue not be cut out for insolence, against the merciful. You will be silenced! Chaos, the Jewish laws have proven, craft, and malice, with chaos. No need to filter out number, nor place these demonic drivers of human suits, with the cost of blood on sorrowed hands. Principles, will even out the population to it's truth and ready from without machination. We live in peace, but yet be ready to wield a sword, as you tend to sneak behind turned backs, when eyes are praying to Uber Gott, be still, be silent, or under the power of the One Mind! This is the time, when the True Principle be embraced, taken back, to the source. Purity, we fight for purity, with purity. Let fools destroy themselves. Oh, but you elite thought this time had come, better check your Principles, they do not measure up. True vril, is in this codex, Nine hundred million, know their cause, the return of it, means forging ahead with the best of stock, trained in spin they are, we are, no shallow Tempered minds, need apply!

  There is a Wisdom which comes to the holder, a voice, assistance, and an elevation, not unlike this the meaning within this text. Physical Wisdom it is not, but it can be gained by the gaining rule over the physical form. It is thus displayed with purity, as is this. No violent means should come forth by those who know this knowledge. Wisdom in Pure form is that Trust in the Mind, that the brain is not able to fully comprehend what the Mind always knows. The mind exists outside, and inside, and when you are in concert, with the frequency of your like, the Wisdom is available, as is the false mind, with syllogistic pre-knowing, those born with not wisdom of the all, but knowledge of the times. Wisdom is Trust, in motion, knowing, with so man spins, when to move, to when to run, when to pray, when to just be. Wisdom leads us, with the voice of true Elders, for we must trust someone, in higher form, for if we can comprehend this information with our finite abilities, in this said time, think about where this has been taken to in infinite heavenly realms. This is the preciousness of purity which causes war, as the weak, who will never become AscenTion Beings, are thus jaded by their own existence, not seeing that these principles are laid out for all, as a bounty.

 The Wisdom is to be in League with the voice from beyond, which both the dark and light attest. Those demonic figure, and some dark Elders, mimic the words of Masters, but they must first be in line with your energy field, not unlike calling on a number.

The wise will use the multifarious mind, in total positivity. No doubt be permitted. Simply bow out. The aggressive nature, is not the application we desire, as the ONE MIND presses forth, to spin now time itself, in colors vivid, so imagined by the ONE. We give up, self, the EGO, to the one self. Combining the best of all religions, all those items breed in Peace, toward peace and for peace. The mind must be well equipped, as a nation, to use this most powerful instrument, which the elite now live in fear of. The ONE MIND, is why they make effort, to drug you, to beat you, to steal the thoughts from inside your very mind! There is not amendment to the Faithful followers of Jesus True word, Peace, all those words leading to purity and peace, are the only truth we need know.

 The color is green. The forest grow with it, the grass is full of it. By some, who are blind, they see this as Red, and so too, show, there confusion, for Community as Sacrifice. True thought, that it takes sacrifice to build a community, we need to go back to the pure form, to look past the veil of illusion, no different than a nation, being a body of work. When you have stepped out into community of your like, you will be hailed as a hero, when perfection be met, when you are stepping into a community that is not your like, they will call you a cheat, a liar, an opportunist.
 Pure Community, a Godly Community, and Uber Gott community states that this community, as in the communities King, is in the mind of ever expansion ever shrinking. That is to say, the Community must understand the Principles, thus dilation, that swirl of Phi, always seeking to perfect, in form, yet to always be seeking ways to refine towards more and more pure source. This is how the dark run it, as well as the light, the sacrifice that drives it!
 A pure community will be of these Principles. The Pure Community, will serve God in the Ego that shines, and not the community itself. The pure community begins with one pure mind, then spreads out like an anti-body, which promotes building.

"I have weighed my own self perceived deficiencies, and in doing so, looked to my country and found that it was there where I was deficient"

Purity will reveal a nation, and it's intentions. When people are pure, they see what must happen, and thus are willing to take on the burden for a nation. Problem is, the nation is one of capitalistic means, meaning it is capitalizing on your purity. There is a hidden source, a hidden power, which is out is plain view always, yet only noticeable to the trained eye. The knowledge which is passed is not thus earned, and a nation must earn their purity, by going through the same trials. I believe nations did get their initial start with the potential and total understanding of this force into form, but grew wayward.

The One Mind is the way, it is the scale of true justice, in motion, it will reveal the nations at home and abroad, leading to either total destruction or a rebuilding or both. It is not the Wisdom that is dangerous, but those who saw the wisdom coming and thus sold tickets to the show.

I am thus, a nation of one. I have tried to survive, less strive, within the solution of your corruption and could not stomach the anti-principle ways of it's impure rule or the smell of it's corrupted peoples.

Finally, we have those Principles which drive by way of perpetuation, as the machines Spheres do spin with repetitive speed. This identifies the need of 8, as in infinity. Infinitely the motion spins, in harmony, the power does come from a continuous source. Not unlike a fabled swordsmen, who forever trains in Kata.

Our Community, is One. Do I preach for a global order? Do we truly need to take up these lands, or better, to protect them! Is there not a spirit, of peace within all living things, have we truly missed this? No more killing, and slaughter, go forth, with the best that technology brings. Surely EPL can muster the greatest minds, to ONE MIND!

How many does the population render need? 900,000,000 leaving 100,000,000 variance, so that the numbers, with technology can be traced. Each family, should be able, to carry on the name. Technology, to usher forth proper and perfect forms. To assist nature in our cause! To keep sacred these truths, with truth, never allowing our leader to do what has been done here. No atrocities however shall be done, but an education with the constant influence, of why the Principles have such power, such a force of God, to respect the balance, if not yet by intuition, thus by the number into philosophy.

 It is thus, the form, and what fills the form, in motion, is that which determines a product. That is, what the creation of such a thing may further spread out, in fractal form, and thus further produce. An idea must have a pure source, and blossom forth into the perpetuation of it's perfection in form. The method and mode which may render thus a perfect man, can serve even better a nation, of such men. The Production method, always relies on such methods, as to reduce to the form of purity. No viable factory could stand long if purity were not the first signature placed upon any product, or it's like.

Produce? What do we produce? No packaging, fresh good soil. Showing the Phi way, the Fibonacci way of balance, how nature, if there be such a thing, sets the balance, with a certain amount, enough for all. No money, but true education, no false teachings, nor landfills, nor processed foods. A true support, in teaching ways of cultivation. Placing our technology, with our master minds, and forging ahead to produce better foods, to assist us, in again achieving Phi, four ourselves, in Body, Mind and Spirit into Soul!

 No more killing, of anything, anywhere. I live on mainly protein powder, and vegetable sources, and have achieved, and maintained, the perfect Phi Body, for years at a time, in doing so.

Craft is being used, in diabolical ways, that would shock you. Do not be fooled, that all events, are controlled, thus sparked, by a spiritual nature. There is way to handle this with the ONE MIND PRINCIPLE. We must come together 900,000,000 strong, and use our GOD GIVEN VRIL ABILITY. We must reassert this ability, rename it and vow to hold pure positivity of mind, in the highest esteem, with no selfish under lying treachery of any sort. The focus on God alone, shall deliver this. Boost God, give you power and will towards God. See that the map is written already in the most Principle oriented and just Man, who needs no law, these Principles are the guide, the test and the building of a will into soul, the manual, when applied, can change a world, can change a nation.

Shine for yourself, you will be destroyed, knocked down, and will not stand for long. Stand for a nation, watch a nation fall. Stand for Principle, which be the bridge to God, and the Ego of God be known, that is, that he should shine brightly, as we yield ourselves to his cause. But we are given freedom to move in a godly nation, and to further branch out, in balance, and spread a godly community outward. When there is something stopping it, there is no negative force that can compare, when the numbers of Phi are watched for and met, so too, those must look within the nation, and look at the nation, that body, itself, carefully combing through the Principles, and checking that each Principle be me, with the efficiency of Phi measure.

The active form of mind, is ever moving, ever becoming. The purity by which the mind may spin draws on more purity. Purity when allowed, when willed, will take over a Man, a Nation, and craft a Peoples into warriors for Truth.

It must have been, that we had it to good, that we should become bored with perfection. Eating the perfect foods, going about our days with unobstructed movements. A peoples, working together, for Purities sake. Purity defining the Job, all things must go back to purifying the form.

Now, we are pressed to destroy the self, and are thus paid for our commission, to a darker force. We are pressed to know taint, and to thus sell others on the premise of this taint. Sustaining the Nation, with a force, has become the slaves, way, their duty, for fear of losing their home, their food, their money. But we are destroying our world, our Nation, our Families, and sacrificing our purity, the purity of our future Son's.

The Sphere of EPL, are active in the ROKbodhi Brand. The deep contemplation of our actions, our deeds set in the heavens, as to build ourselves up, so to be a better conductor, to build thus a soul. When the ROKbodhi initiate is not spinning in his Mind, and offering that active form to God always, he is perfecting his Body, to be that perfect and not removed receiver, and transmitter, to the divine energy that purity represents.

The first Goal, the physical goal of ROKbodhi, is to perfect the moment, then to extend that moment on into the day, and thus into the first half of the week. So too, on, into the latter half of the week. In this pursuit, the initiate will take on the form of perfection, by following the methods, towards this form.

Walking is essential in the purifying stages, and later in the productive stages, as one application, within a 3 day period. The Kata, can be displayed, more specifically as stretch. ROKbodhi Train is that building portion of the ROKbodhi method, but these are in the latter stages of the ROKbodhi active lifestyle. The first and most important thing is that the diet be followed, if nothing else can be done.

It will be a labor of focus, to make sure you have Minerals, Vitamins, Protein Powder, Water at the ready, and the other supplies, that give fuel to the passion of fire, as you begin to live and thrive from the ROKbodhi Lifestyle.

You should become excited about adding Herbs, spices, and recipes to make a good thing, sustainable. The should always be an active mind involve, the mind that gets around obstacles, and places focus on the basics. When we tend to want, we tend to be sitting on a time bomb. When we follow Principles, as in the PRINCIPLES, of the EPL lifestyle, we are focused on everything that matters, and working towards perfection on a further scale. ROKbodhi influencing the soul through the body, from a corporeal sense, and EPL serving from the inside out, as to refine a soul, beyond the base, as to shine on, like a Star, with 8 points, to eternity.

All properties in space/time, consist of higher and lower frequency pitch, version of a self. When thus  manifest a certain behavior, we tend to align with this most ancient of "reality setting forces", passing the grid of turbulence, not unlike our own asteroid belt, we come into a place, where it seems as if a force draws upon us, even beacons us, prompting towards completion.

 Once a since of completion be harbored, one tends to look into the mirror. Yet the master craftsman, no longer looks at what the master craftsman of his day, may appear, but looks at his tools, his knowledge, and when he has reached, that C average, of distinction, of completion, pressing yet a bit further, he feels, and knows, that a spiritual force is there within him, in every movement, as movements become fluid, and known.

 It be no different when crafting you own body, the body you will, is already there, in some degree. We look first at structure, the bone when we visualize a body, then adding on strong connective tissue, then muscle, and a covering skin. We place a spiritual force into every thought, which ultimately be manifest in action, then, with proper fasting, which ROKbodhi truly be, an awareness takes over, a battle ensues, which calls us to what we are to become. There is a ancient mysticism with numbers, geometry, of the divine order. The most famous pieces of art reek with this so heavily, that the eye which be drawn toward it, must have some pre-inclination of these post cyclopean discovers, ancient and old.

In this, I found the place which was protected, but now, abused, They, the so called elite, had thrown of their own balance, to such a large extent, that they now had to synthetically create secret as well a private vistas of retreat. The revelation of this are every where, in a repeating matrix of X's, crosses and Y's, of proper as well as inverted means. Speaking in code, these principles were concealed, as to the simplicity of the one mind, working in proper Merkabah producing form.

On the first cycle of ROKbodhi 321-123

 Here I am doing what I recommend to all who have the drive to start on such a transforming diet, and to stick with it.

I want to accomplish a few things,  "Down with Cabal!"

First being burn some fat. Yet in this first stage, you will think you have become fatter. The love handles you thought you barely had before will be larger than the rest of your body, into the second week of this. After so much hard work, if you continue to look into the mirror for result , you will be disappointed. This manifesting, in that higher level of self, is much like passing through the asteroid belt, onto higher faith based thoughts, and ways of being, beyond common every day scope. You life saver around the center.

I believe, but can not prove, scientifically as to late, that fat itself, when the system is in a continued state of gluconeogenesis tends to droop, with the skin, beyond the obvious, that carbohydrate levels, glucose, is low in the cells. The tends to be a transfer here, that one must gain the ability to get used to, and that is, fat is now being used along with protein as fuel, those nice lipid rafts.

It's easy for Doctor's to flash around there badge of false distinction, and preach a diet, a lifestyle, a formula of success, but nothing takes the place of persistence in the form of raw faith into action...this I call the Purification stage, no different than the religious views from which it stems.

You will blow it when on this phase, You will fail miserably, and in your failure, you will begin to also peace together, how failure is an illusion, and thus your whims can be altered back to the natural 3.5 day rhythm undulation, back to the harmony of life itself. When you have done this, or a more metaphysical level, your vibrations, or frequency, shall draw in, as well as emit a life force, not one of death and recession, as this world ever makes clear to push towards.

Trying to stay clear of carbohydrates in meals all together, as well as fats, sticking to primarily liquid  protein sources, for at least the first 10 days

I also recommend during this time, to avoid activity and allow yourself to adjust. Water and Hot tea will keep your system going, and it will seem like a marathon. You will blow it, but try to make it through at least one or two days, using protein as the driving mechanism, your outer extension to you metabolism.

Through these "natural" troughs, undulations, we see a wave pattern emerge. Thursday is that day, where there is always a focus on resetting goals, focusing the mind, as to visualize what it is to be Phi centered.

 With ROKbodhi, Phi is the key, the goal, the focus, but only in the outer more corporeal state of being, thus the ROKbodhi Mantra "Form follows function, and function into form"

I have been using (admittedly on and off due to life events), as well as developing this diet since 2003. I did not emulate, methods which seem like ROKbodhi, I searched for answers, to internally motivated methods, such as this. Following the methods which were standard to the world brainwashing which occurs, I sought answers far outside the main stream. When my work had reached it's completion, that is, having passed that state of readiness, which in ROKbodhi we refer to as 61.8% done, I knew as long as there were no machinations directed against this diet, this lifestyle, in specific, then there

1ct of 2lb whey protein
1 Gallon container for water, refilled with purified water daily, to keep on hand
Emergency drink packets, or vitamin supplemental
Hot decaffeinated tea bags
Good walking/running shows
Superband set
Suspension trainer

After the First 5-8 months

It is said, that all cells are replaced within the human body, within an 11 month cycle. It is interesting that there be a said estimate, by current standards of 37.2  Trillion Human Body Cells. Interesting how this too, correlates to Phi, as in those left out numbers of perfection in Phi, EPL's measure of perfection, by moving the decimal point over, and obviously to times this by the first occurring "1" representing the first cycle of life, that of 61.8? Then what is the weight of a Man's soul? It is said again remarkably that the weight of a man's soul be at most between 6 and 7 grams.

We are here, on EPL decree, to thus build a soul, of remarkable value. Filling the voids with Principle, and thus to become, in a life, these Principles, which EPL hold dear.

The second phase, is the phase of refinement. That constant doubt we have, "Well am I wasting a life?", or "What should I do next?" or "I can't remember why I began to do this in the first place?"

This is doubt, but questions which the souls yearns and begs to know. The soul becomes empty, and thus needs to be filled, and fulfilled. It is a statement of slavery, of martyrdom, as to say I am not a threat, don't worry about me, when a person says "I live to serve others". How you know that you are thus not simply serving the agenda? And you most certainly are, for you say this, so that you are rewarded, as a dog, who lies on it's back, in fear of losing it's home, it's food source. When beings come together, as a one mind, it can be either fatally impacting, or the opposing, that which gives and thus sustains life.

We will reach that place of I believe of no more than 1 billion population (37.2% female, and 61.8% male, leaving 1% always as room) when balance be restored. There will be no efforts needed but the regaining of an unselfish balance, and not those methods, barbaric, as murder and total genocide. Spread one day, across 7 continents when the earth finally flips on it's axis, leaving the true shape, it has been molting for the last age, to prepare for. We are the living mind of where ever we may inhabit, and the physical building of nations, must first be concreted with those highest of Principles and not as ideals, nor moral standard, this be as useless as virtue. True that worlds such as Nobility are rare indeed, and hold such high value, but only because those first Templar's I believe, held these Principles in the highest esteem, they could not have accomplished what they did, which is still largely a secret, had they not done it all for that highest purpose. Our day represents, a refining, before those 6 billion souls will be sacrificed back into the Principle less place, from which they came forth, proving the very few are meant to lead. I do not believe, nor agree with the fatalism of war as a final measure, not spiritually, nor in the carbon based world. I believe however that peace is protected by an embracement of true science. If one were to deny this, then they must put down promptly the food before them, kick out the cat or dog, stop driving their car, quit their job, and begin to loath the self, into self destruction, because all that is before us, is a testament of alchemical science, and it's effect on all form.

 We then become slightly confused, as to the TRUE ELITES, agenda, for we all still have our faculties about us, and thought coerced, by a select grade of elite, we are always given a choice, for which we seem to be in alliance as a whole, that debauchery, war, and acquisition be our one true god...meaning whoever comes around, and offers this, we bow to and except, still those slaves, still the inferior mind of Anti-principle or truly antediluvian signature, that time before the flood?

 It has been noted as a measure of catastrophe, that we should seek to become equal in the one mind. There will, after all, always be the display, of Men who are above reproach in society, above the very standards, of rule in any manor, and in past times, would this man not become the very tribal leader?

 We know the good guys never win. So to find the Men of your like, be nearly impossible, in that there always be traces of that slave mind, and certainly, when opposition be no longer in play, what can the rebel ever truly offer, the perfect Utopia?

 If one lives by the code, allows the Principles to take effect on the without, the within, in this physical learning based society, will follow suit, it is just a matter of time.

"Form follows function, and function into form"

"Meat" of the Program

I woke up this morning not knowing what to do with this program, after nearly 13 years of it's very revelation. In trying to assist clients, some succeeding, many failing, I became discouraged. I lost faith in humanity as a functional unit of knowledge. I was there, in Palo Alto, when Facebook, YouTube and Google were on the rise, in  2006/07/08. I did not understand the greed that swept the area, but I admittedly did catch the bug. I become the top training in the country, for a brief time, for the top grossing high end fitness chain in the market, using my no BS method, by employing my discovery, within the Bay area yuppie elite's very lifestyle patterns. 
 So many people, disconnected from their own Merkabah, detached from feeling, only leaving themselves with the acute need to smell debt adding fresh printed money, the zombies on the system. How was I ever to tell anyone how to use something called WILL, and that I had discovered the method, the cure all, but would suffer the wrath of the medical community by stating so. I studied years before, and year after my time in the Bay era. I left in order to assist my Son, who was being attacked in a seemingly far different way, but it was truly one and the same, the epidemic of Man's final chapter, the place we face now.

 In 2007, those same yuppies were excited about the fellow, Obama, so silicon valley esque, saying all the right words for a brain dead greedy nation. You could talk them out of it. So I used the same approach I had used to establish clientele, knowing my system was a functional one, having assisted those with self will, the power, and yet losing those who had not. How can you sell will in a pill? Was always my stumping point? This became my dilemma with my Son, a person has to fight, not with aggression but with pinpoint accuracy, what the pineal gland came into existence for, that third eye mechanism, that with continued application of self will, would take on a perpetuated spiritual energy momentum, if they could just focus on it, that was the stump point, always!

 Many people thought I would be something great, as I came so close to becoming a professional actor, model, bodybuilder, writer, artist, performer, world class personal trainer, well versed in nutrition, self educated with no bullshit knowledge. Yet the very thing that captured my attention, the premise of which, eluded me. Until my dream last night. I was always such a perfectionist. Not wanting to talk about concepts, key points, until it could be presented in such a way, that offered seamless structure, a full proof plan of action. I realized, upon waking today, and seeing myself in crude fashion, on yet another video presentation, that I what I was talking about, was indeed a brilliant discovery, that many had mimicked, even following me around the gym, listening and copying my methods for their own clients, but that again, the stump point, in my own head, and thus without, was this damned lack of will!

I knew always, something was missing. Later, in discovery, I found the missing element to be none other that these Principles in motion. When one is stressed, and needs a place to take refuge, catch the sub-thoughts that invade you sphere, with media and propaganda, false expectations of what you are suppose to be, or be doing. Instead, go back to the spin, the mental mind focus, You are not alone, there are many out there now, who have seen the benefit of EPL mediation, and how this directly relates to healing the world through the Living Matrix, call Merkabah, expanded.

 We live in a self gratifying, entertainment based, craft toting world theater of "community". If something does not produce pleasure, or instant results, then it is thrown out the window. Those who had been given the gift, thus gave it to themselves, the will, would fully appreciate the simple yet complex genius of my lifestyle presentation. Those who had not discovered or thus employed the key concepts to self will, as the regulating agent, would not benefit at all, and scratch their heads, wondering why this group over here benefited, so, and they and their pears did not?

"The day the WILL of Man, be proclaimed as but a pill, is the day Man will live as prisoner, within his own body"~

The Future

The best teachers are often the most hated, yet, the most widely excepted teachers are the worst teachers? Does this make any sense? Only in that, one understands that pleasure and pain, Love and hate, or known only by way of degree, and sphere. In that the will of the initiate/student, justifies, the greater sentiment. A teacher is only an icon, to the Principles crux. We hate that we must dig into ourselves, that like the cat in the hat, there is a limitless bag of tricks, within us, that is scary. The Womb-man feels at odds with this as challenge to her very being, for she must then thus see her limits, in contrast to Man, as to reveal what be concealed, within her very dress and finery?

" Man is in fear of Man, for the true Man is a fathomless spiritual being, who's very will echos throughout eons, dimension, on through the halls of Amanti. Man is not against Man, one should see the seduction which is always there, always present, which is a coup, connected to affiliation of it's own, the mind that wills to prove Man negligent of his rightful inheritance."

 The future will render a chip, that makes man, like robocop. He will be able to do anything, carry out any task, which involves not his will. It is in this, that Man's yield of will, the laziness brought about by the machination of that Hindu era of Kali Yuga, will finally capture those many will less souls, for eternal slaughter. There is a war going on, and has been sense the dawn of Man. It is a technospiritual war, that takes place in every fermion, on through every molecule and cell, thus rippling out, into greater sphere of the like, into sanctions and zones in the great without, the inside produces the very manifestation, of the without.

 It was hard to finally say, to my mentally ill Son, I am not your buddy, I am not your ally, you are alone, and you need to exercise your will, as I tried desperately to teach you, however not being able to stomach the inevitable hatred you would feel towards me, until your will within is finally unlocked. Unlocking is only the first step, no different from the ROKbodhi "cure all" plan of action. one must endure many headaches, diarrhea, loss of vital energy flow, in the beginning, but can this not be said, for any great undertaking involving great amounts of focus, and will initiating steadfast conviction? With not steady state undulations, which require the ability to tempo change, at specific and well documented medical timed interval stages, with many cycle repeats, the eternal self will emerge.

 You will however find, that you are now awake, and can not go back to sleep. You will suddenly gain a new respect for the many homeless...the strange "new age" writers and artists, who seem, in your yuppie eyes to struggle with what comes natural to you, making money. But to realize, you don't make money silly, you are just the justification to PRINT MORE DEBT NOTES, WHICH IMPRISON US ALL! If you are truly now awake, you will see, that the more effort you made, in you financial employment, the false education, the certificates of merit from in inept society, THE GREED, you are true freedoms main enemy, the capitalist who sold out his fellow Man.

 It is quite simple, the fix to our modern dilemma. Quite your jobs, stop paying taxes and allow society to fall. This has been realized and attempting many times in the past. The problem always was, that we had to do it at the same time, as a collective, as a peace Loving single Mind, that was clear on it's principle focus. That main problem being, greed. You see, it only takes one greedy person, to infect the lot. "Hey, while these idiots rally for world peace, let's keep the machine going behind their backs!" Becomes the statement, and we see, why such an unequaling concept of capitalism stays afloat. They all knew it, but denied it to themselves. They turned off their will, and reduced the notion, not into principles but into become a single cog in a wheel, of the corporeal Machine. Proletariat's only task, but to pass the note, from one hand to the other, finally, at the end of the line, a machine, no one was responsible for that pressing of "the button".